bout AsiaFI

Asia Future Internet Forum(AsiaFI) was founded to coordinate research and
development on Future Internet among countries in Asia as well as
with other continents. In order to coordinate the research and development,
AsiaFI carries the following activities among others;

 - Working Groups
  In order to coordinate on specific activities such as Future Internet architecture,
  mobile and wireless networks, and testbeds.

 - Event
  Conferences and workshops are hosted by AsiaFI, possibly with other organizations.
  We also hold co-located workshops during conferences held by ACM, IEEE et.al.

 - Education
  Short courses called AsiaFI School and semester-long courses are offered by AsiaFI
  including School on Architecture and Building Blocks, and School on Mobile and
  Wireless Networks.

 - Research
  AsiaFI plans to coordinate joint research among Asian countries as well as with
  countries in other continents.

AsiaFI was formed in December 2007 after preparation of six month, starting from an
ad hoc meeting in June during Future Internet Workshop in Seoul. AsiaFI had
the interim meeting in Honolulu during APAN Meeting in January 2008, followed by
the first AsiaFI School in February.

AsiaFI Bylaws has been approved and the Board members for 2008~2010 were elected
along Steering Group members in the spring of 2008.

Last updated on 2018.11.24