A.1 GENI Design Documents ( - selective documents 

      GDD-06-28 David D. Clark, Scott Shenker (Chairs), Aaron Falk (Ed),
                      "GENI Research Plan," GENI Design Document 06-28, Research 
                       Coordination Working Group, April 2007.

      GDD-06-11 Larry Peterson, John Wroclawski (Eds), "Overview of the
                       GENI Architecture," GENI Design Document 06-11, Facility            
  	          Architecture Working Group, September 2006. 

      GDD-06-14 Joe Evans, Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Sanjoy Paul, "Overview
                      of Wireless, Mobile and Sensor Networks in GENI," GENI Design Document 06-14, 
                      Wireless Working Group, September 2006. 

      GDD-06-09 Jonathan Turner, "A Proposed Architecture for the GENI 
                       Backbone Platform," GENI Design Document 06-09, March 2006.
      GDD-06-24 Thomas Anderson, Amin Vahdat (Eds), "GENI Distributed
                      Services," GENI Design Document 06-24, Distributed Services Working 
                      Group, September 2006.

      GENI System Overview, GENI-SE-SY-SO-02.0, Sept 30, 2008(by Aaron Frank)
      GENI Spiral 1 Overview, GENI-FAC-PRO-S1-IV-1.12, September 29, 2008

 A.2 FIND (Future Internet Design,

 A.3 NSF Workshop  
      NSF Workshop on overcoming barriers to distruptive innovation in networking
      NSF Workshop on new architectures and disruptive technologies for the 
              Future Internet: the wireless, mobile and senor network perspective 
      NSF Wireless/Mobile Planning Group Workshop
      NSF Workshop on mapping a future for optical networking and communications
      NSF Workshop on a clean-slate design for the next-generation secure Internet 
 A.4 Internet Innovation: Applications and Architectures, An Industry
	Perspective on Internet Research

      Mic Bowman
      "Research to Realization: Transferring Innovation to Industry"      	 

      Eric Brewer(Intel)
      "Digital Divide"

      David Clark (MIT) 
      "Can we imagine a different network?"

      Chip Elliott (BBN) 
      "GENI Overview and the GENI Project Office (GPO)" 

      Clifford Lynch(CNI) 

      Rick McGeer (HP) 
      "Panel: Research to Realization, Transferring Innovations to Industry"

      Vivek Pai (Princeton) 
      "Public Services and Private Battles"

      Larry Peterson (Princeton) 
      "GENI Ecosystem: From Instrument to Architecture"

      Dipankar Raychaudhuri (Rutgers / WinLab) 
      "Emerging Wireless Technologies and the Future Internet"

      David Reed (HP / MIT ML) 
      "A Tubeless Internet"

      John Wroclawski (ISI) 
      No Easy Answers"

 A.5 Clean Slate Design for the Internet, Stanford University    (

 A.6 Federal Government
       PCAST, Leadership under Challenge: Information Technology R&D in a Competitive World; 
       An Assessment of  the Federal Networking and Information Technology R&D Program, August 2007. 

       ITFAN, Federal Plan for Advanced Networking Research and Development, 2007.5.15. 

 A.7 Others
       EDCAUSE Review, "Lessons for the Future Internet: Learning from the Past," July/August 2006.              
       D.Clark, "Contemplating a future Internet", July 2007.
       D. Clark et al, "New Arch: Future Generation Internet Architecture," 2003.
       David Clark, "Internet is broken," MIT Technology Review, 2005.12/2006/1.  
       Kevin Thompson "Global Environment for Network Innovation", NSF, 2007.
       WUSTL Technical Report on Survey of Architectures for the Future Networks and the Next Generation Internet
       NSF Future Internet Architecture Project, 

B. Canada B.1 CANARIE ( C. Europe ( C.1 FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) The European FIRE, 2007.6.14 (draft). C.2 EuroNF, EuroFGI, EuroNGI,
Gerardo Rubino, Euro-NGI, Euro-FGI, Euro-FN, May 2008(5 MegaBytes). Daniel Kofman, A view on future communications, May 2006. C.3 EIFFLE ( P. Mahonen, et al, Future Networked Society, EIFFLE Think-Tank, Dec. 2006. C.4 J. Schwarz da Silva, "Future Internet Research: The EU framework," ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review Volume 37 , Issue 2 (April 2007) C.5 NeXtworking'07 ( C.6 Rainer Zimmerman, European Research on Future Internet, 2008
C.7 European Future Internet Portal ( C.8 European Future Internet Assembly, ( C.9 G Tselentis, Towards the Future Internet - A European Research Perspective, 2009. D. Japan D.1 AKARI ( [PDF] "AKARI Architecture Design Project" Hiroaki Harai (NICT) D.2 NWGN-Forum ( [Presentation] "NWGN Vision and Five Network Targets" Tetsuo Aoki (NICT) Masahiko Tominaga, Vice President, NICT: NwGN R&D Strategy E. Korea E.1 Future Internet Forum ( E.2 Korea Conference on Innovative Science and Technology (KCIST) 2006: Internet of the Future( E.3 Future Internet Workshop 2007 ( E.4 Future Internet Camp, August 2007( E.5 BcN Architecture and Post-BcN, ETRI, 2007.11.16 (PDF) F. China F.1 CNGI (China Next Generation Internet Project), F.2 CERNET2, G. Others G.1 ACM G.2 IEEE G.3 IRTF G.4 IETF / IAB G.5 ISO G.6 ITU
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