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1. Objective

The primary mission of Education committee is to provide the education program for Asian graduate students of principles and technologies arising from the need to spread the research areas of Future Internet.

2. Scope

The intended work products of the Education Committee cover:

- Courses

. Organize short courses

. Coordinate on course development of the Semester-long courses in each country

- Ph.D thesis

. Coordinate sharing Ph.D thesis committee among member institutions of AsiaFI

. Develop the database on the Ph.D thesis

- Visits

Encourage and coordinate long-term(1 or 2 semesters) visits of Ph.D students as well as short-term visits among the AsiaFI member institutions as well as cooperative institutions in other continents

- Others

- Encourage graduate students to participate in AsiaFI working group activities

3. Membership

Members of Education Committee shall be invited.


- Choong Seon Hong/Kyung Hee Univ.(chair)

- Jun Bi/Tsinghua Unin (co-chair)

- Koji Okamura/Kyushu Univ. (co-chair)

- Mingwei Xu/Tsinghua Univ

- Akira Kato / University of Tokyo

- Hwangjun Song / Postech

- Ikjun Yeom / KAIST

- Jianping Wu / Tsinghua Univ

- Jongwon Choe / Sookmyung

- Jeonghoon Mo / ICU

- Kilnam Chon / KAIST

- Yusheng Ji / NII

- Xing Li / Tsinghua Univ

- Dong Man Lee / ICU

- Song Chong / KAIST

- Sue B Moon / KAIST

- Wu Qian / Tsinghua Univ

- Masaki Hirabaru / NICT

- Kenjiro Cho(IIJ Lab)

- Jennifer An/Cernet


Meetings will be held on co-located basis with other events (e.g. conferences and other workshops, etc.) and sometimes independently.

Education Committee Charter Proposal

2008 Plan  
          2008.1-12 Gathering Materials and Implementing a Course Material Website for Semester long FI Course

2008.1.20-25 Education Committee Meeting, Honolulu (during APAN Meeting)

2008.2.18-21 Supporting One week course on Mobile/Wireless Technology

         (co-located with FIF Winter student Camp),Seoul

2008.2.18-21 Education Committee Meeting (during FIF Winter student Camp, Seoul

2008.6.18-20 Supporting Tutorial of CFI 08 (during OECD IT Ministerial Meetings)

2008.08.25-29 Supporting Tutorials and School on Architecture and Building Blocks (co-located with FIF Summer Student Camp), Jeju Island

2008Q4: Supporting Tutorials, China (during CERNET)

- Introduction to Future Internet may be given in each country in its language.
- One-week short courses may be given in summer and/or winter.
- Shorter courses (1~3 day tutorials) may be given additionally, especially along AsiaFI Conference or Workshop. Topics may cover areas such as Architecture/Building Bolocks, Wireless/Mobility, Security, Testbed, Management, and so forth.

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