Untitled Document Asia FI School on Mobile and Wireless Networks - Final Program

Date: 2008. 2.14

2008.2.18 Monday: INTRODUCTION

Morning Session Chair : Ki Cheon Kim

09:30 ~ 10:00    Introduction to Future Internet   PDF   VIDEO
                       Yanghee Choi, Seoul National University, Korea

10:00 ~ 10:30    Break

10:30 ~ 12:00    Wireless Network in Future Network   PDF   VIDEO
                       Song Chong, KAIST, Korea

12:00 ~ 13:30   Lunch

Afternoon Session Chair: Hiwu Li

13:30 ~ 14:00   Ultra Mobile Experiences and End-to-End System Architecture   PDF   VIDEO
                       Laksman Krishnamurthy, Intel, USA(Remote)

14:00 ~ 15:00   Mobility Architecture in Future Internet   PDF   VIDEO

                       Sangheon Pack, Korea University, Korea

15:00 ~ 15:30   Break

15:30 ~ 18:00   Orientation Session Chair: Kideok Cho & Wang Yang   PDF
                       All participants(students, lecturers)

18:00 ~ 20:00   Joint Reception(AsiaFI School, FIF Camp)


2008.2.19 Tuesday: ARCHITECTURE

Morning Session Chair : Taekyong Kwon

09:30 ~ 10:00    Disruption Tolerant Network   PDF   VIDEO

                       Taekyoung Kwon, Seoul National University, Korea

10:00 ~ 10:30    Break

10:30 ~ 11:30   Service Architecture from a Wireless Perspective   PDF   VIDEO

                       Dongman Lee, ICU, Korea

11:30 ~ 13:00    Lunch

13:00 ~ 15:00   Student Session I: Protocol Technology
                        Chair: Zhaowen Lin
                        Yusong Huo & Zhaowen Lin, Application of P2P and IPv6 Multicast Technology in Wireless Environment   PDF
                        Hosik Cho, Network Size estimation for Peer-to-Peer NEtworks   PDF
                        Wang Yang, Reconsidering Transport Protocol in Heteregeneous Wireless Networks   PDF
                        Chao Zhang(MS), Introduction to Network Security Problems in Mobile IP.   PDF

15:00 ~ 15:30    Break

15:30 ~ 17:30    Student Session II: Network Technology
                        Chair: Sang Soo Jeong
                        Jeong Ae Han, Cognitive Radio Networks and Mobile Networks
                        Sang Soo Jeong, Cooperative Sensing for Multiuser Cognitive Radio Systems   PDF
                        Dukhyun Chang, DTN Interworking for Future Internet   PDF
                        Zhongyi Liu(MS), On Scheduling of data dissemination in vehicular networks with   PDF
                                           mesh backhaul


2008.2.20 Wednesday: WIRELESS/TESTBED

Morning Session Chair : Qian Wu

09:30 ~ 10:00    Tsinghua Wireless Testbed   PDF   VIDEO
                       Hewu Li, Tsinghua University, China

10:00 ~ 10:30    Wi-FI Mesh Network   VIDEO
                       RongDi Chen, Tsinghua University, China

10:30 ~ 11:00    Break

11:00 ~ 11:45    Wireless Testbed   PDF   VIDEO   VIDEO
                       Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Rutgers University (video)

11:45 ~ 13:00    Lunch

13:00 ~ 15:00     Student Session III: Wireless Network I
                        Chair: Do Hyung Kim
                        Janghwan Lee, Achieving Throughput Fairness in Wireless Mesh Network Using IEEE 802.11   PDF
                        Tran Minh Trung, A Multi-Channel TDMA MAC Protocol for Supporting Multimedia Traffic over Mesh Networks   PDF
                        Do Hyung Kim, Providing Delay Fairness in 802.11 WLAN   PDF
                        Mahbub Alam, Spatio-Temporal Bandwidth Reuse: A Centralized Scheduling Mechanism for Wireless Mesh Networks   PDF

15:00 ~ 15:30    Break

15:30 ~ 17:30    Student Session IV: Wireless Network II
                        Chair: Jun Zhang
                        Sachin Lal Shrestha, On Characterizing the Indoor Channel Propagation of Wireless Mesh Network in Mobile Ambient
                        Abdur Razzaque, Aggregated Flow Weight Controlled Hierarchical MAC Protocol for Sensor Networks   PDF
                        Jun Zhang, The Implementation of IPv6 Wireless Sensor Network Node   PDF
                        Wenjie Hu(MS), Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Mesh Networks   PDF


2008.2.21 Thursday: SECURITY AND WIRELESS

Morning Session Chair: Yasuo Okabe

09:30 ~ 10:15    Trustworthy Wireless   PDF   VIDEO
                       Jaeyeon Jung, Intel Research, USA

10:15 ~ 11:00    Wireless Network Security for Future Internet   PDF   VIDEO
                       Yasuo Okabe, Kyoto University, Japan

11:00 ~ 11:30    Challenge to Data Carrier in Networked RFID Systems   PDF   VIDEO
                       Jin Mitsugi, Keio University, Japan

11:30 ~ 13:00    Lunch

Afternoon Session Chair: Jin Mitsugi

13:00 ~ 14:00   Ubiquitous Sensor Network Technology   PDF   VIDEO
                       Ki-Hyung Kim, Ajou University, Korea

14:00 ~ 14:30    Enhancing IP Mobility Handover Management toward Future Internet   PDF   VIDEO
                       Koshiro Mitsuya, Keio University, Japan

14:30 ~ 15:00    Break

15:00 ~ 16:30    Wrapup Session Chair: J Choe, K Chon, K Choe, W Yang

16:30 ~ 18:00    Mobile/Wireless WG Meeting 


2008.2.22 Friday : KAIST Tour on Mobile/Wireless Testbeds

09:05 Seoul Departure(KTX)

17:19 Daejeon Departure(KTX)

Remark: Need to reserve KAIST Trip by 2.18.
(9 from china and 2 from Japan now/0212 )


Remark : There will be 17 student presentations(14 Ph.D students, and 3 MS students), and they
will be assigned into Student Sessions I ~ IV, and 2.21 Afternoon Session.
See the 17 student presentation titles in www.AsiaFI.net website(AsiaFI School on
Mobile/Wireless Networks) or its student blog site.