AsiaFI Board Meeting, 2008Q2


Date: 2008.6.17 Tuesday
                        14:00~16:00  Seoul/Tokyo
                        12:00~14:00  Indonesia
                        22:00~24:00(6.16 Monday) Los Angeles


              Kyoyuk Munhwa Hoekwan(Education & Culture Hall), Seoul


           1. Roll Call and Agenda Bashing

                   Participants:  YH Choi, HL Qian, J Murai, X Li, Francis Lee(remote), O Purbo(remote)
                                        S Ramadas, K Chon, CS Hong, X Huang(remote)
                   Absent with apology: L Zhang

           2. Elections of Board Chair and 2 Vice Chairs

                   Chair:  HL Qian(2008.6-2009.6)
                   Vice Chair:  YH Choi(2008.6-2009.6),  F. Lee(2008.6-2009.6)

               Selection of Board Member Terms; 2008~2009(3 members) and 2008~2010(4 members)

                       2-year term:  J Murai, YH Choi, F Lee, O Purbo, L Zhang
                       1-year term:  HL Qian, X Li
                       Remark:  we expect o increase the number of board members to 9 in 2009 with election of 4 members in 2009.

           3. Approval of Steering Group Chair and Secretariat Director

                       The nominations of Steering Group( K Chon for Steering Group Chair, and J Bi, CS Hong and Okamura for Secretariat

           4. Review on AsiaFI
                  4.1 AsiaFI Overview(Presentation Material)

                           Board decided to look into University Members (in addition to Individual Members), Board is expected to decide
                            formally in the next meeting in January 2009.

                  4.2 2008 Plan 

                  4.3 Research Activity

                               Board decided to develop the position paper on the long-term research activity plan.

                  4.4 Review on AsiaFI groups and committees
                            Steering Group
                            Education Committee

                                       Board recommend Education Committee to progress on the database development on professors,
                                       students, research groups, and scholarships.

                            Architecture WG
                            Mobile WG
                           (Testbed BoF)

                                Remark:  Two more  BoF to  establish  AsiaFI  WG  were commented;
                                                     Future Internet for The Other Billions(joint WG with APAN)

                  4.5 Finance 

                              Board decided to develop the position paper on the long term plan on AsiaFI finance.

                  4.6 External Collaboration     

                              African collaboration was added with the initial workshop to identify the areas of collaboration in november 2008
                              and may 2009 as discussed in the morning meeting on the subject.

           5. Future Board Meetings
               2009.1.12 Monday 14:00 ~ 16:00 in Beijing(during Mobile School)
           6. AOB


Remark: AsiaFI Board Luncheon in 12:00 - 14:00 at Buffet Restaurant(First Floor) in the same hall(hotel). 

                 Africa-Asia Collaboration Meeting(informal) was held in the morning, which would be collaboration amongd
                 various Africa and Asia organizations(AfNOG,  AfriNIC, AFNOG,  APAN, AsiaFI,  CERNET,  WIDE,..).