Steering Group Meeting, 2008Q2

Date: 2008.6.17 Tuesday

         16:00 - 18:00  Seoul/Tokyo
         15:00 - 17:00  Beijing

          Education & Culture Hall, Seoul

            1. Roll Call and Agenda

                         Participants: K Chon, D Lee, S Ramadas, J Bi, C Hong, A Kato, X Huang(remote)
                                            Yeom( Architecture  School)
                         Absent with Apology:  H Li, M Xu
                         Abset:                       Okamura

            2. Board Meeting Report

                         Major comments: 
                                                   University Membership will be considered.
                                                   Position papers on finance and research activity will be developed.

            3. Committee/WG/BoF Updates
                    Architecture WG

                              We did not receive the update properly(late, incomplete), and we reviewed briefly.
                              Need to review on the WG at the next meeting; 2008-2009 Plan with milestones and updated charter.

                    Mobile WG

                              We did not receive the update at all.
                              Need to review on the WG at the next meeting; 2008-2009 Plan with milestones and updated charter.

                    Education Committee

                              We reviewed and recommended to revisit on the database with the milestones for 2008~2009 with expansion of
                               the scope to include  research  group/laboratory, and  scholarship.

                    Testbed BoF

                              We reviewed the testbed history memo, and decided to revisit at the next meeting when  the second Testbed BoF
                              as well as Testbed Workshop will be held.


            4. AsiaFI School on Mobile and Wireless Networks - Review
                    2008.2 Report
                    2009.1.12~16 Proposal

                               2009 Proposal was not reported, and we decided to review at the next meeting.
                                We  recommended to  decided on the  workshop and tutorial; chairs, scope,  participants,...

            5. AsiaFI School on Architecture and Building Blocks - Review

                               We reviewed the presentation material(progress report) with overall satisfaction.  We recommend the presentation
                               material to be shared with 2009 Mobile School Committees.

 |                      2009Q3
                               We discussed on the second Architecture School, and plan to decide on the venue at the next meeting.
                               The candidates include Japan(Keio University SFC) and Korea(KAIST, Cheju University).

 |              6. Future Internet Conference - Review
                               We had the presentation by Prof D Lee, Program Committee Chair.

 |              7. 2008 Plan
                               We reviewed the plan, and approved with addition of  African collaboration workshops to take place in
                               November 2008 and May 2009.

 |              8. 2008 Budget

                               We approved.

 |              9. External Collaboration
                               We approved with addition of African collaboration.

 |             10. Research Activity
                               We decided to discuss at the next meeting as the major issue.

 |             11. Future Meetings
                       2008.08.28  11:00 - 13:00  Jeju
                               10.27                       Qingdao
                               01.12                       Beijing
                               03.02                       Kaotsiung