Subject: AsiaFi Steering committee meeting minute

Date: August 28, 2008 (revised August 31, 2008)

Loc: Jeju Univ



Kilnam Chon (Keio/KAIST), Akira Kato (Keio), Yanghee Choi (SNU),

Mingwei Xu (Tsinghua U), Choonsun Hong (Kyunghee U), Qian Wu (Tsinghua U)

Hewu Li (Tsinghua U), Jun Bi (Tsinghua U), Dongman Lee (ICU)


Meeting summary:


- Report on Testbed BoF by A. Kato

  * WG charter statement is drafted and the chair and co-chair elections will be done later

  * suggested that the testbed WG should address the following issues:

   - who to handle the mobile/wireless testbed between testbed committee and mobile wg?

   - how to collaborate with GENI and other wired testbeds

   - how to collaborate with PlanetLab, OneLab, and other *Labs


- Report on Architecture School by J. Bi

  * 5 days program including testbed workshop, tutorials, and main program with invited speech sessions and student sessions

  * attendees: 30 professors (20 speakers, 4 panels, 6 session chairs) + 25 students (C 9; J 6; K 10)

    = similar to the last FI school in Feb (63 participants)

  * Presentation statistics

    = Invited: foreign 5; China 4; Japan 5; Korea 6

    = students: China 7; Japan 3; Korea 4

  * the following issues should be reviewed:

    = target audience: phd or master students?

    = hands on experience course: development required

    = the level of student participation: more participation expected

    = student presentation: various formats required (full, posters, and work-in-progress)


- Report on Mobility/Wireless networks school by H. Li

  * scheduled to be held in Jan 12-16/09 in Beijing, China

  * Committee (PC and OC) meetings will be held monthly

  * budget plan needs to be properly constructed: internal vs external

  * expected attendees: 50 people (20 profs and 30 students) ->

  * the followings are suggested:

    = bigger room for tutorial which is open to general public

    = draft out the program

    = add milestone with time schedular

    = activate the student committee


- Repor on Future AsiaFI Schools by K. Chon

  * Korea will host next architecture school in summer of 2009 (a week after SIGCOMM)

  * Japan (Wakikawa) will host mobility school in winter of 2010 (end of Feb); seek to be collocated with WIDE camp


- Report on CFI08 and next year plan by D. Lee

  * CFI 08

    = 150 attendeed

    = half day tutorial and 2 day technical sessions (3 keynote speeches;  6 invited speeches; 26 paper


    = All the presentation materials (slides and verbal presentations) available at the conference home page

  * CFI 09

    = planned to be held in June/09 (17-19 or 24-26) in Seoul, Korea

    = steering committee will take an action in Oct/2008


- Discussion on Intercontinental and intracontinental Collaboration

  * The biggest issus is wireless testbed - this will be postponed to discuss in the next meeting in october


- Discussion on membership

  * suggsted that AsiaFI should welcome institutions (e.g. FIF, WIDE, CERNET, etc) as be her members

  * two approaches for this -> IETF (individual only) vs. ICANN (individuals + institutions)

  * agreed to keep the current structure and sign a MOU for close collaboration with other insitutions


- Etc

  * Committee/WG Report will be done in the next meeting in october.

  * Research activity will be discussed in the next meeting in october


- Next Meeting

  * Oct. 27, 2008: 3pm in Japan/Korea 2pm in China

  * Jan 2009: during mobility school

  * Mar 2009: Kaohsiung during APAN