AsiaFI Steering Group Meeting Minutes


Huanghai Hotel, Qingdao


Participants:      Kilnam Chon, Arika Kato, Koji Okamura, CS Hong (by skype), Mingwei Xu, Jun Bi, Hewu Li, Bingyang Liu (Secretariat)

Absent:               Xiaohong Huang, Dongman Lee, Sureswaren Ramadass


1 Working Group/Committee Review

(1) Architecture WG

Mingwei Xu reported the WG progress. Two new co-chairs were elected: Ikjun Yeom and Jun Bi. The steering group discussed to put the Testbed BoF under Architecture WG as a Task. Currently, there are two tasks: Testbed, and Trust/Security.

The candidate members for Testbed Task: China: Jilong Wang, Japan: Akira Kato, Korea: Jongwon Kim.


(2) Mobile & Wireless WG

Hewu Li reported the WG meeting and progress: 1. wireless/mobile testbed, and 2. WG goals: school and joint projects.


(3) Education Committee

CS Hong and Jun Bi reported the progress of education committee. The steering group will review the milestone of course development and Ph.D research database in the next steering group meeting during 2009 winter school in Beijing.


2 AsiaFI schools

(1) Hewu Li reported the preparation on 2009 winter school and 2010 winter school.  The 2010 winter school on mobile and wireless has not been decided on its venue.

(2) Jun Bi reported the 2009 summer school proposal. The proposal then is approved. Suggestions will be taken in the school plan (no parallel tracks, using evening sessions, extending 10 mins presentation to 15 mins, student panel topic: how to publish papers in high quality conferences and journals such as SIGCOMM). Wang-Cheol Song from Cheju Univ. joined the school committee as the local support team. The Chair of East Asia Workshop will also be committee member. The student committee needs a co-chair from Japan.

There was discussion on holding 2010 summer school in Japan, possibly at Keio University, Hiyoshi/Yagami Campus.

(3) Prof. Chon emphasized to always ask the opinion of student committee on choosing invited speaker, activates, student award, etc. We should also learn from the student workshop of SIGCOMM, CoNext, and Hot Nets.

(4) Student Advisory Committee for AsiaFI schools was created. The initial members are: Kilnam Chon, Lixia Zhang, Akira Kato, Jun Bi,and Ikjun Yeom, who actively participated in the last school. Rodney Van Meter is also nominated later.


3 The Joint Research

We are so far successful in the schools but the joint research was not established yet. Mingwei Xu introduced A3 projects. The steering group draw the conclusion:

(1) Yes, we are interested in high quality joint research projects.

(2) We will learn from EuroNF. We plan to collaborate with them with a project to learn more.

(3) Where to start? Visiting(short and long terms), joint supervision of students, case studies on successful research collaboration in Asia and else where.

(4) To organize a brainstorming session on joint research in Asia during 2009 winter school in Beijing. Ask session participants to show their cases.


4 MoU

Koji Okamura is assigned to write it on cooperation between AsiaFI and institutions in Asia and elsewhere.


5 Next Steering Group meetings

(1) 2009.1.12 Monday 16:00~18:00 during the winter school in Beijing(with Board Meeting in 13:30~15:30)

(2) 2009.3.2 Monday 16:00~18:00 during APAN Meeting in Kaohsiung