2009 Africa Asia Forum Workshop on Network Research and Engineering
(Revised on 2009.4.8)

Date:  2009.5.15 Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00
Place: Intercontinental Hotel, Citystars, Cairo

Visa information is available at the bottom of the AfNOG website: http://www.afnog.org

Session 1: Keynote Speech

                  Nii Quaynor,   History of the African Internet
Session 2: Case Study

                  Mahabir Pun,   Nepal Wireless Network Project(Remote Presentation)
                  Koji Okamura, Campus Wireless Network
                  Ahmed Manasrah, Planet Lab at American Unviersity Cairo

Session 3: Technology/Policy

                 Francisco Webber, Investigating a Sustainable Energy Strategy for the African Societies
                 Kilnam Chon, Future Internet for The Other Billions
Session 4: Application

                  Hiroshi Esaki,          Sensor Network
                  Keiko Okawa/Tsuchimoto, AI3/SOI; Satellite Internet with Remote Education

Session 5: Panel Discussion 

                 Coordination Committee Members, How to promote collaboration between Africa and Asia?
Additional Presentations:

         AfREN: 2009.5.16-17
                Aki Nakao,           Planet Lab - Tutorial

        AfriNIC, Fall 2009
                Sureswaran Ramadass and Ahmed Mohaamed, Workshop on Security and Cyber-Terrorism(Half~Full Day)
                Hiroshi Esaki, Yoshihiko Kanaumi and others, Workshop on Hands-on Experience of IPv4 Depletion(2 Days)