Second AsiaFI-FIF Future Internet Testbed Workshop (draft program)

Date: 2009.8.24 Monday
Place: Cheju University(during 2009 AsiaFI Summer School and FIF Summer Camp), Jeju


Program (draft):

09:30~10:30  Tutorial Session
                      Session Chair: SH Pack
                      Serge Fdida, Introduction to Planet Lab
10:30~11:00  Coffee Break
11:00~11:30  Asian Wireless Testbed Session
                      Session Chair: SH Pack
                      Jin Mitsugi,   Wireless Testbed in Japan(remoe)
11:30~13:00  Lunch
13:00~13:30  European Update Session
                      Session Chair: JL Wang
                      Serge Fdida, OneLab2 and Other Testbeds in Europe
13:30~15:30  Asian Wired Testbeds Session
                      Session Chair: JL Wang
                      Jilong Wang,          Wired Testbed in China
                      Shinji Shimojo,       Wired Testbed in Japan
                      Dae young Kim,     Wired Testbed(FIRST) in Korea
                      Song Chong,          Wireless Testbed in Korea(video)
15:30~16:00  Coffee Break
16:00~17:30  Panel Discussion Session on Future Internet Testbed Collaboration in Asia and the World
                      Session Chair: K Chon
                      Panelist:  All Speakers and Session Chairs