AsiaFI Steering Group Meeting

Date:  2009.10.22 Thursday 16:00 ~ 18:00 Japan/Korea, 15:00 ~ 17:00 China/Malaysia
Place: Beijing(Tsinghua/Bi), Seoul(SNU/Kwon), Yokohama(Keio-SFC/Tazaki)
     Onsite:      Jun Bi, Kilnam Chon, Rodney Van Meter, Akira Kato, Dongman Lee(?) TK Kwon, Mingwei Xu, CS Hong
     Apology:   Xiaohong Huang
     No Reply: K Okamura, S Ramadass

            1. Roll Call and Agenda Bashing

            2. Board/Committee/WG/BoF Updates

                    Architecture WG
                    Mobile WG

            3. Future AsiaFI Schools - Review

                    2010.2.24~27   Seoul
                                             2.24 Workshop on Identifiers for Future Internet (WIFI)
                                             2.25~26 AsiaFI Winter School
                    2010.8.23~27  Tokyo
                    2011.2.14~18  Shanghai (pending)

                 Budget for 2010 Winter School.

            4. Lecture Fee Policy Proposal

1. registration fee is $200 for general and $100 for student now.
    all have to pay the registration fees.

2. lecture fees for the invited speakers are as follows;

     90 minutes or less  - $100
     over 90 minutes     -  $200

Remark: these numbers($100, $200) are parameters, and future
              asiafi school (with workshop) may increase to $300/$150 or 
              $100/$50 upon approval of asiafi (steering group).

Remark2: speakers other than spefically designated as "invited spearker"
                shall pay the full registration fees.

Remark3: persons in need (either spearker or other participants) may apply for
                the support.

            5. MoU - Progress Report
                   China, Japan, Korea, Asia

            6. Workshops
                     Mobile Internet Workshop (co-located with MobiCom, Beijing 2009.9.19)
                     Future Internet Workshop (co-located with AINTEC, Bangkok 2009.11.17)
                     Workshop on Identifiers for Future Internet (co-located with 2010 AsiaFI Winter School, 2010.2.24)
                     FIST Workshop 2010
                     Testbed Workshop (co-located with 2010 AsiaFI Summer School, 2010.8)

           7. Future Steering Group Meetings
                    2009.12        (online)
                    2010.02.27   9:00~11:00 Seoul (during AsiaFI Winter School)
                                       11:00~12:30 2010 Winter School/Summer School Review

           8. Finance

           9. AsiaFI Web Management

         10. AOB