AsiaFI Testbed BoF (Committee) Meeting

Date:  2009.8.25 Tuesday 12:15-14:00
Place: Cheju University( International Center; Meeting Room 1 in First Floor)

Agenda (draft):

1. Roll Call
2. Review of Testbed Committee Charter
3. Updates on Testbed activities
    4.1 China
    4.2 Japan
    4.3 Korea
    4.4 USA
    4.5 Europe
5. Testbed Committee Plan for 2009~2010
    5.1 Testbed Committee Member Election
    5.2 Testbed Workshop in 2010
    5.3 Testbed Committee Meeting in 2009~2010
    5.4 Joint Meeting with Regional(APAN,..) and Others.
6. AOB


AsiaFI Testbed Committee Charter - Proposal

1. Objective
    The primary objective of AsiaFI Testbed Committee is to coordinate on Future Internet-related testbed activities
    of other organizations globally as well as within AsiaFI.  

2. Scope
    2.1 Information exchange on the testbed activities
    2.2 Coordination of the testbed activities through meetings
    2.3 Public relation effort on the testbed activities

3. Meetings
    3.1 Workshop
          We expect to hold the testbed workshop at least once a year.
    3.2 Committee Meeting
          Testbed Committee may meet twice a year or more.

4. Mailing Lists
    testbed@  AsiaFI
    testbed-committee@  AsiaFI

5. Committee Members(draft)
    Chon, Kilnam
    Kato, Akira
    Kim, JongWon
    Wang, Ji Long
    Architecture WG Chair or its Delegate
    Mobile WG Chair or its Delegate
6. Meetings
    First Testbed BoF, 2007.10
    First Testbed Workshop,  2008.8.25, Jeju
    Second Testbed BoF, 2008.8.25, Jeju
    Third Tesbed BoF, 2009.3.3, Kaohsiung
    Second Testbed Workshop, 2009.8.24, Jeju
    First Testbed Committee Meeting, 2009.8.25, Jeju

Last updated: 2009.6.15