Workshop on Identifiers in Future Internet
Sponsored by AsiaFI and FIF

Venue: Hoam Faculty House in Seoul National University, Seoul
Meeting Room: Magnolia  
Time: Feb.24,2010


To investigate the problems, requirements, and design goals for new identifier space of Future Internet 

Topics of interest:

1. Problems with Internet identifiers
2. Problems and requirements from mobile applications/industries
3. Problems and requirements from other applications/industries such as multi-homing, and security
4. What need to be identified and how to design identifiers?
5. Architecture issues in identifiers, locator, and mapping between them
6. Existing solutions and on-going efforts 


Opening: Kilnam Chon

Session 1: Problem Statement
Session Chair: Rodney van Meter

1) Fundamentals of Naming: The Answers to All your Questions, video 
   (to present by recorded video and answering questions by phone)
   John Day, Boston Univ.

2) Application-layer View of Identifiers and Locators
   Pete Resnick, Qualcomm 

3) The Identifier Problems in the Current Internet Architecture
   Lixia Zhang, UCLA

1200-1300 Lunch


Session 2: Requirements I
Session Chair: Mingwei Xu

1) Mobile Internet Calls for New Identifier
   Zhen Cao, China Mobile (to present remotely by phone)

2) The Future Vehicular Network Architecture
   Ryiji Wakikawa, Toyota Tech. Center (to present remotely by polycom)

3) How We Use Identifiers and What We Expect Them to be
   Keiichi Shima, IIJ Innovation Institute
1430-1450  Break


Session 3: Requirements II
Session Chair: Keiichi Shima

1) L3 for Vehicular Environments
   Jinhyeock Choi, Samsung

2) Sharing Requirements on Future Wireless Internet Architecture
   Chenghui Peng, Huawei

3) Considerations for Identifiers for Mobile Networking
   Heeyoung Jung, ETRI
1620-1640  break


Session 4: Some solutions and proposals
Session Chair: Choongseon Hong

1) Apple MobileMe
   Lixia Zhang, UCLA

2) Some Proposed Solutions on New Identifiers Design in China
   Jun Bi, Tsinghua Univ.


Session 5: Panel

   Panel moderator: Rod van Meter, Keio Univ.
   Panelists: All speakers
19:30 Dinner
Workshop Photo

Steering Committee:
Lixia Zhang, UCLA
Kenjiro Cho, IIJ Laboratory
Kilnam Chon, Keio Univ./KAIST
Dae Young KIM, CNU

Workshop Committee:
Jun Bi, Tsinghua Univ. (Co-chair)
Taekyoung Kwon, SNU (Co-chair) 
Keiichi Shima,IIJ
Rodney van Meter, Keio Univ.
Akira Kato, Keio Univ.
Ryiji Wakikawa, Toyota Tech. Center
Mingwei Xu, Tsinghua Univ.
Choongseon Hong, KHU