AsiaFI Preparation Meeting III                                                   

 Date  : 2007.11.2(fri)-3(sat)
 Place : Sookmyung University,  Seoul(near Seoul Station)
             Jin-Ri-Kwan  #504 (
http://e.sookmyung.ac.kr  Campus Map Number 4) - Changed!!

Hotel Information

Meeting Record(draft)


    *  2007.11.2(Fri), Cafe Snow, Sookmyung Univ. 
        10:00-11:00  Event Committee Meeting

        11:00-12:00  Nomination Committee  Meeting 

1. AsiaFI BoFs:  2007.11.2 Friday  12:30 - 18:30
12:30 - 14:00  Architecture/Building Blocks BoF  (Chair: Prof Mingwei Xu and Prof  Xing Li )
                           Charter Proposal
                           2008 Activity Plan
                           One-week Course Proposal(Architecture)

Semester Course Proposal(Architecture)
    14:00 - 15:30  Education BoF( Chair:  Prof  ChoongSeon  Hong)

                           Agenda  / PPT File
                           Charter Proposal  
                           2008 Activity Plan
                           One-week Course Proposals (Architecture, Mobile)
                           Semester Course Proposal(Architecture)
    15:30 - 17:00 Testbed BoF (Chair: Prof Akira Kato)
                           Charter Proposal  
                           2008 Activity Plan

    17:00 - 18:30 Mobile/Wireless BoF  (Chair: Prof KeeCheon Kim)
                           Charter Proposal  
                           2008 Activity Plan
                           One-week Course Proposal(Mobile) 
                           Internet Car Presentation - Keisuke Uehara
                           Reference : Dr.Yuji Sekiya's presentation,  Dr.Keiichi Shima's presentation 
18:30 -         Dinner

 2. AsiaFI General Meeting: 2007.11.3 Saturday  09:00 - 16:00
Agenda:  A. Current Status  (09:00-11:45)
                         A.1 Global/ North America/ Europe  (Chair : Prof.Shigeki Goto)
                                     FP7(FIRE, EuroFGI, eMobility)      [G Pokorny]
                                North America:

                                     GENI Engineering Conference        [M Hirabaru]
                                     FIND Workshop in 2007.11.28~29  [K Chon]
                                     IRTF/IETF                                     [K Chon]

                                     Standardization Meeting                [DY Kim]                                       
                        A2~A4 CJK    (Chair : Xing Li)
                           A.2 China
                                 CNGI/CERNET2   [Mingwei Xu]      
                           A.3 Japan
                                 NWNG               [M Hirabaru] 
                                 WIDE                 [A Kato] 
                                 NII                      [S Goto]
                           A.4 Korea
                                 FIF                      [YH Choi]      
                                 NIA/KOREN/ANF [DY Kim]
                     B. AsiaFI  (13:00-17:00)  -
                          B.0 Asia Future Internet Forum - Draft Proposal  [K Chon]
                          B.1 Strawman Proposal(with Issue List)- Old      [A Kato/K Chon]
                                Strawman Propsal(with Issue List)- New
                          B.2 Education BoF Report                                [CS Hong]
                          B.3 Mobile/Wireless BoF Report                       [KC Kim]
                                Revised short course (11/3)
                          B.4 Testbed BoF Report                                  [A Kato]
                          B.5 Architecture/Building Blocks BoF Report    [MW Xu / Xing Li]
                                 Revised Short Course (11/3)
                          B.6 Event BoF Report                                     [S Chong/D Lee]
                          B.7 Organization Proposal                               [K Chon /JW Choe]
                                  Steering Group
                           B.8 Board - Nomination Committee and Procedure  [S Goto/ J Wu/ JW Choe]
                    C. Next Step (17:00-17:30)
                          C.1 Next AsiaFI Meeting
                          C.2 First Year Activity (2008)

   3. Editorial Meeting 2007.11.3
 Steelman/Final Proposal
                        Other Documents