AsiaFI Preparation Meeting II, Xian, China

Date: 2007.8.27~28
Place : Sheraton hotel, Xian, China

>> Schedule
/27(mon) 18:00-21:00       AsiaFI Brainstorming I
                                       Location: Sheraton Hotel/TBD (meet at Dynasty2)
                                       chaired by Prof Jianping Wu/Xing Li and Akira Kato

8/28(tue) 7:00- 9:00           AsiaFI Brainstorming II
                                       Location: Sheraton Hotel/Gate West Restaurant
                                       chaired by Prof J Wu/X Li and Prof A Kato

              13:30-16:00          AsiaFI Editorial Meeting
                                        Location: Sheraton Hotel/Dynasty 9B
                                        Chaired by Prof K. Chon and Another Person

>> Documents
Issue list
     2. Road map(latest one)
     3. Organizational Structure
     4. Graduate Student Education and Research
     5. Candidate organization list
List of what we are agreeing

>> Minutes  : here