Architecture & Building Blocks WG

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      1. Objective  
           The Architecture/Building Blocks working group will gather the experience from  
           current future Internet projects, study the gap between the original Internet architecture  
           and the current reality, bring out the requirements for Future Internet of 10 ~ 20 years from now,  
           discuss the issues (principles) to be considered in the design of Future Internet architecture,  
           and layout the engineering of a new architecture.      

      2. Scope 
           - Architecture  
               Trust/Security Network 
               Wired Network 
               Mobile/Wireless Network 
           - Building Blocks  
                Routing, Forwarding, Addressing, Identification and location 
                Network management 
                Trust/Security management 
                Service and application management  
      3. Activities 
              Course / Education 
              Joint Project 
Chair:           Fumio Teraoka / Keio University 
Co-Chair:    Dan Li / Tsinghua University
                              Rodney Van Meter / Keio University 

Past Meetings 

               -  Architecture / Building Block BoF Meeting, Seoul, 2007.11.3 
               -  WG Meeting during APAN, 2008.1 
               -  Architecture/Security Tutorial (half a day), Seoul, during
International Conference on Future Internet (CFI), 2008.6.18 
               -  Summer school, Jeju, 2008.8.25-29 
               -  WG Meeting, Jeju, 2008.8.26 
               -  Workshop on Fundamental Issues of Future Internet, Qingdao, 2008.10.26 

               -  Summer School, Jeju, 2009.8.24~27

               -  WG Meeting, Yokohama, 2010.8.26
               -  Future Internet Architecture Workshop, Yokohama, 2010.8.27
Architecture & Building Blocks BoF Charter Proposal (2007.11.2) 
One-Week Course Proposal (2007.11.3) 
                -  Summer school slides (2008.8.25) 
Workshop slides (2008.10.26) 

                -  Summary of Workshop on Fundamental Issues of Future Internet, Qingdao 2008.10.26
Future Plan 
               -  2011.2 Workshop on security and routing, Hong Kong
               -  2011.2 WG meeting, Hong Kong

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