AsiaFI Ad hoc Committee on Assessment - (Draft) Charter

1. Objective

    Assess on Future Internet activities of the following in order to deliver the recommendation to AsiaFI for the next 5~10 years.
    a. AsiaFI
    b. Asia
    c. Europe and USA

2. Scope

2.1 Review the past activities on Future Internet research of the following;
    a. AsiaFI
    b. Countries in Asia
    c. World

2.2 Develop the issue list on AsiaFI and others, and discuss on the issues to come up with the recommendations

2.3 Hold a few face-to-face meetings, including Hong Kong in February 2011, and Daejeon in August 2011.

2.4 Deliver the position paper including the recommendation on the issue list in August 2011 with optional revision by February 2012.

3. Organization

     Acting Chair: Kilnam Chon
     Members: 6~10 from Board, Steering Group and others.
     Mailing List: assessment@AsiaFI
     Committee Memo: here
     Bibliography: here


Last updated on 2018.11.24