AsiaFI Retreat (agenda by Kilnam Chon on 2012.3.15)


Date:  Date: 2012.3.18 Sunday 10:00 ~ 15:30

Place:  Seoul National University (Maple Room in Hoam Faculty Center)

Chair:  YH Choi with K Chon

Participants: Jun Murai, YH Choi, Lixia Zhang, K Chon

                   Y Okabe, Jun Bi, F Teraoka(afternoon), CS Hong(afternoon), H Asaeda

                   Jim Thornton, Yongjin Park, Zhou Su


Apology:  Ma Yan, Xiaohon Huang, Koji Okamura


9:30~10:00      Registration

10:00~12:30    Session 1: ICN as Flagship Project for AsiaF

            Objective: Review ICN as the flagship project for AsiaFI  including the recommendation to AsiaFI.

                                       a. Origin of ICN; CCN and NDN

                      Lixia Zhang, Jim Thornton

                                       b. AsiaFI Status Report on ICN/NDN

                                           ICN WG Chairs(Jun Bi, H Asaeda, KD Cho)

                                       c. Industry Report

                                           Samsung/B.Lee, KT/E Paik

                                      d. Other ICN Activies(Europe/FP7, IRTF,....)

                                          H Asaeda

                                      e. What are the present and future issues on ICN at AsiaFI?

                                          KD Cho, H Asaeda, Jun Bi

                                      f. What are the plan on ICN at AsiaFI for 2013 and beyond?

                                         Jun Bi, H Asaeda, KD Cho

                                    g. Recommendation for AsiaFI community


12:30 ~ 14:00    Lunch Break

14:00 ~ 14:45    Session 2:  Toward Next 5 Years: 2013~2017

Part 2-A: Do we need Second Flagship Project such as IoT/wireless/mobile at AsiaFI?

                                           K Chon/Chair, Background

                                           J Murai(with J Mitsugi)/IoT Introduction, and Japanese Activities

                                          YH Choi/Korean Activities

                                          Jun Bi/Chinese Activities

   Part 2-B: AsiaFI Yearly Activity in 2013 and beyond;

                                          - Summer School with workshops

                                          - 2~3 day winter event

                                          - Additional workshops

                      CS Hong: Summary of First 5 Years

                                            F Teraoka and All: Discussion

15:15~15:30    Closing Session

                        YH Choi/Wrapup


15:30~16:00    Coffee Break



16:00 ~ 18:00    AsiaFI Board Meeting

                         Chair/Coordinator:  J Murai/CS Hong


18:00 ~ 20:00    Board Dinner

                          Restaurant: [TBD by Local Host]