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       1. Objective
           The objective of this research group is two-fold. Establish a forum for Wireless and
          Network Mobility researchers of Asian region to investigate key and interesting problems
          in the field for the future internet. The findings on these problems should benefit the community
          at large, but especially the standardization of the future internet. And, help establish a uniform
          testbed that researchers could use for experimentation as common tools, scenarios and
          methodologies provide more accurate performance benchmarking. A more ambitious, longer-term
          goal is to become a catalyst for research in Mobile/Wireless Inter-networking for the future Internet.

      2. Scope
   - Produce "Problems Statement, Assumptions and Goals for Mobile/Wireless communication for
            future internet
to define the problem statement and goals of Mobile/Wireless networks.
          - Develop Mobility support protocols for seamless handover and route optimization.
          - Develop Secure handover mechanism considering authentications including fasr handover
          - Develop Cross layer protocol research for future Internet.
          - Produce a
Wireless Mesh architecture" document defining the MANET architecture as is related to
            Future networks and the evaluation of existing and new mechanisms for discovering, and selecting
            a target base station and/or router for handover
          - Develop an address autoconfiguration mechanism to be used by ad hoc nodes for configuring unique
            local addresses as well as, in cases where Internet connectivity exists, globally routable unique addresses.
          - Develop a useful mobile/Wireless testbed for the future internet.

Members :         
Chair:            Taekyoung Kwon, Seoul National University
Co-Chair:      Keiichi Shima, IIJ
                       Xiaohong Huang, BUPT

Past Meetings
              - Mobile/Wireless BoF Meeting, Seoul, 2007.11.2
              - Winter School, Seoul, 2008.2
              - Winter School, Beijing, 2009.1       

 - Mobile/Wirelss BoF Charter Proposal (2007.11.2)
              - Mobile/Wireless One-Week Course Proposal (2007.11.3)    

Future Plan
              - Winter School, Seoul, 2010.2

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