AsiaFI ICN Working Group

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Charter (Version 4.2 Oct. 23, 2011)

1. Objective
Information-centric networking (ICN) represents a general direction to evolve the Internet infrastructure towards directly supporting the future network applications by introducing named data as a core Internet principle. The Content-Centric Networking (CCN) project that started at PARC 3 years ago has evolved into the Named Data Networking (NDN) project, one of the major contenders for the future Internet architecture. NDN aims to evolve the narrow waist of today's Internet architecture from using IP addresses to using names, to enable the creation of completely general distribution networks. Using names for data delivery can help address a number of major issues facing the Internet today including security, mobility, scalable content dissemination, delay-tolerate networking, and use of multiple paths to facilitate traffic engineering and service selection. The goal of this AsiaFI ICN WG is to coordinate the ICN-related research activities in Asia Pacific region as well as to collaborate with ICN research activities in other continents, especially the NDN project team in the US, by organizing tutorial/workshop, promote discussions/joint research, and coordinate prototyping/testing.

2. Scope
- ICN Research (Architecture /Routing/Forwarding/Caching/Application)
- ICN Prototyping
- ICN Test-bed
- Special focus on NDN in the current phase

3. Goals and Milestones
- 2011, Discuss to setup ICN WG.
- 2011-2012, Identify *specific* problems that WG members want to solve, and discuss how to apply NDN approach to those problems. Discuss the specific objectives of architectural designs, prototyping and testing.
- 2012 March, Organize hand-on workshop of NDN to prepare for setting up NDN testbed and conducting experiments.
- 2012, Identify any unresolved ICN/NDN issues, such as routing, forwarding, mobility support and efficiency of content distribution etc. Provide initial solutions and draw up detailed cooperative plans involving all the collaborative institutes.
- 2012-2013, Set up practical ICN/NDN testbed covering main collaborative institutes in Asia to evaluate the initial solutions.
- 2012-2013, Seek cooperation with Device Manufacturer to enlarge influence and get support.
- 2012-2013, Seek opportunities to collaborate with ICN projects, starting from information exchange

4. Activities
- Tutorial/Workshop to exchange information and experience
- Joint Research
- Test-Bed

5. Organization
- Chair: Hitoshi Asaeda (NICT, Japan) <asaeda AT>
- Co-Chairs: Jun Bi (Tsinghua Univ., China) <junbi AT>
                   Nakjung Choi (Bell Labs, Korea) <nakjung.choi AT>
- Technical Advisors (The persons who help the WG chairs in technical directions and issues)
                   Van Jacobson, PARC
- Members:
Hitoshi Asaeda
Jun Bi
Kenjiro Cho
Kideok Cho
Nakjung Choi
Yanghee Choi
Kilnam Chon
Tao Feng
Choongseon Hong
Hongyu Hu
Zhangfeng HU
Kenny Huang
Daeyoung Kim
Hyunchul Kim
Joohee Kim
Ruidong Li
Pingping Lin
Bingyang Liu
Rodney Van Meter
Eun Kyoung PAIK
Yangyang Wang
You Wang
Yonggang Wen
Mingwei Xu
Guang Yao
Eiko Yoneki
Lixia Zhang
Kim, Eunah
Chon, Kilnam
PAIK, Eum Kyoung
Jongwon Kim
Choong Seon Hong
JooHee, Kim
Fumio Teraoka
Hongyu Hu
BaoBao Zhang
Sunyoung Han
Adrian Perrig
Sen Wang
Nakjung Choi
Chulhyun Park
Kided Cho
Yanghle Choi
Jun Huang

6. Documents
- AsiaFI NDN WG Charter Proposal (August 9, 2011)
- AsiaFI NDN Workshop Proposal

7. Schedules
- AsiaFI NDN BoF meeting on 2010.8.25 (during 2010 summer school at Yokohama)
- AsiaFI NDN BoF meeting on 2011.2.24 (during 2011 winter workshop at Hongkong)
- AsiaFI NDN lunch meeting on 2011.8.9 (during 2011 summer school at Daejeon)
- AsiaFI NDN Hands-on Workshop/Research Workshop on 2012.3.19-21 (at SNU, Seoul)
- AsiaFI ICN Workshop on 2013.1.15 at TIP2013 in Hawaii

8. References

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