Network Science (NetSci) BoF (proposal), AsiaFI

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1. Definition of Network Science

A working definition of network science is the study of network
representations of physical, biological, and social phenomena
leading to predictive models of these phenomena.

[from Network Sciene, National Academy Press, 2005]

2. Scope

- Discussion on network science, in particular on the future internet
- Delivery of reports
- BoF meeting
- Workshop

3. Mailing List

4. Schedule
     2010.8  Network Science BoF formation
     2011.8  First workshop on network science

5. Related Documents and Websites

 - Frederica Darema (ASN Symposium, 2008)

    abstract -

    talk -

- Network Science, National Academy Press, 2005.

- Wikipedia

- Network Science Conference, Cambridge, 2010

- NetSE - Research Agenda
A report of the network science and engineering committee, September 2009

6. Initial Members

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