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Charter (draft 2, dykim, 27-aug-10)

1. Background and Objective

One of the appealing architectural proposals in Future Internet has been Recursive Network. Among many, two champions have raised this topic to attention of a wide community. John Day, under the umbrella of the Pouzin Society, has proposed RINA(Recursive IPC-based Network Architecture), and Joe Touch has RNA(Recursive Network Architecture).

The objective of this BoF is to explore and intrigue into this interesting topic among Asian FI researchers, with close interaction with global champions and enthusiasts. In addition to digging more into RINA and RNA, new architectural proposals bearing the same or similar recursive nature will also be solicited and discussed, of which SILO by DY Kim might be an example.

2. Scope

o Study of RINA
o Study of RNA
o Study of SILO
o Exploring other RN proposals
o Joining and/or initiating prototyping
o Joining global intiatives

3. Issues to be resolved


4. Activities

o Tutorials/Workshop
o Joint Research
o Prototyping and Testing

5. Organization


Chair: DY Kim (Acting)
Co-Chairs: (Yasuo Okabe, Jun Bi)

Techinical Advisors: John Day and Joe Touch


Jun Bi
DY Kim
Yasuo Okabe

6. Schedules

o Discussion at 2011 Winter Workshop in Hongkong, Feb. 2011.
o Discussion at 2011 Summer School in Seoul, Aug. 2011.

7. Related documents


o Joe Touch, “Introduction to Recursive Network Architecture”, Future Internet Architecture Workshop, AsiaFI 2010 Summer School, Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan, 27 Aug. 2010.

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