Young Researcher Group of AsiaFI


Aug 22 2012Election of new Co-chairs.
Jan 1 2012New web page.
Dec 9 2011Young Researcher Group of AsiaFI is approved by Board member.

Young Researcher Group of AsiaFI

The objectives of this group are:

Although AsiaFI is targeting on the “Future”, which is likely to be next 2 or 3 decades, young participants are not actively working right now. Continuous activity by young researcher is obviously required.

The scope of this group activity

  1. Motivate the participant of AsiaFI related events, especially the AsiaFI schools
  2. In order to attract the participants, especially young researchers, who are going to be seniors after decades, the clear motivation for this community COULD be defined. For example:
  3. Help organize AsiaFI events, especially AsiaFI schools.
  4. Develop a program and organize AsiaFI events to lead the student activity (e.g., social communication between young researchers, student oral session, poster session, panel, team work, recreation, got feedback from participant....)
  5. Keep establishing steady core members
  6. Have one or more core members from each of CJK with school participation of 3 or more years. During every period, we COULD consider taking over the operation to next core members. The current chairs are suggested to stay in the council for the next period, so as to utilize their experience.


(done) Sep 2011Establish the Core member group
(done) Oct 2011Revised charter to be submitted to steering group meeting
(done) Dec 2011(Board meeting, expect to be approved this group)
(done) Jan 2012Fix the idea of event for coming summer school 2012
(done) Apr 2012Arrange the program of AsiaFI summer school 2012 at Kyoto
(done) Aug 2012Operation of AsiaFI Summer School 2012
(done) Aug 2012Election of new Co-chairs
(done) Oct 2012Recharter proposal
Jan 2013Fix the idea of event for coming summer school 2013
Aug 2013New core member group establishment, recharter (if needed)